Hierarchy viewer (UI Inspector)

As poco dives into UI controls, it is very necessary to get to know the UI structure of testing game/app when writing test script. The hierarchy viewer will do a lot help.

The standalone hierarchy viewer now supports android native apps and Unity3D games (with poco-sdk integrated).

How to use

When you placing the mouse pointer over, it will auto detect a bounding box for proper UI controls.

../../_images/hunter-inspector.png ../../_images/hunter-inspector-text-attribute.png

If multiple UI controls overlap, right click and a list of all overlap UI controls will be shown. If you want to view non-interactive UI, just right click with shift key.


It is also available for android native apps. Simply plug your Android device and enable the ADB DEBUG MODE. On some system, if the adb server cannot start automatically, please input a command in the shell adb start-server first.