poco.drivers.android.uiautomation module

class AndroidUiautomationPoco(device=None, using_proxy=True, force_restart=False, use_airtest_input=False, **options)[source]

Bases: poco.pocofw.Poco

Poco Android implementation for testing Android native apps.

  • device (Device) – airtest.core.device.Device instance provided by airtest. leave the parameter default and the default device will be chosen. more details refer to airtest doc
  • using_proxy (bool) – whether use adb forward to connect the Android device or not
  • force_restart (bool) – whether always restart the poco-service-demo running on Android device or not
  • options – see poco.pocofw.Poco


The simplest way to initialize AndroidUiautomationPoco instance and no matter your device network status:

from poco.drivers.android.uiautomation import AndroidUiautomationPoco

poco = AndroidUiautomationPoco()