Source code for poco.sdk.interfaces.screen

# coding=utf-8
__author__ = 'lxn3032'

[docs]class ScreenInterface(object): """ This is one of the main communication interfaces. This interface ensures the ability for accessing the rendering the results presented on screen of target device. Note that rendering results are very often not used in automated testing directly. Following methods definitions can assist to obtain the information about the app. """
[docs] def getScreen(self, width): """ Take the screenshot of the target device screen or target app's window Args: width (:obj:`int`): expected width of the screenshot in pixels Returns: 2-:obj:`list` (:obj:`str`, :obj:`str`): - b64img: base64 encoded screen data - format: screen data format (png/jpg/etc.) """ raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def getPortSize(self): """ Get the real resolution of the screen in pixels. Returns: 2-:obj:`list` (:obj:`float`, :obj:`float`): width and height in pixels """ raise NotImplementedError