Source code for poco.drivers.unity3d.unity3d_poco

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# @Author: gzliuxin
# @Email:
# @Date:   2017-07-14 19:47:51

from poco.drivers.std import StdPoco
from poco.drivers.unity3d.device import UnityEditorWindow

from airtest.core.api import connect_device, device as current_device

__all__ = ['UnityPoco']

[docs]class UnityPoco(StdPoco): """ Poco Unity3D implementation. Args: addr (:py:obj:`tuple`): the endpoint of your Unity3D game, default to ``("localhost", 5001)`` unity_editor (:py:obj:`bool`): whether your Unity3D game is running in UnityEditor or not. default to ``False`` connect_default_device (:py:obj:`bool`): whether connect to a default device if no devices selected manually. default to ``True``. device (:py:obj:`Device`): :py:obj:`airtest.core.device.Device` instance provided by ``airtest``. leave the parameter default and the default device will be chosen. more details refer to ``airtest doc`` options: see :py:class:`poco.pocofw.Poco` Examples: If your game is running on Android, you could initialize poco instance by using following snippet:: from poco.drivers.unity3d import UnityPoco # your phone and your PC/mac should be inside the same sub-net. ip = '<ip address of your phone>' poco = UnityPoco((ip, 5001)) poco('button').click() ... """ def __init__(self, addr=DEFAULT_ADDR, unity_editor=False, connect_default_device=True, device=None, **options): if 'action_interval' not in options: options['action_interval'] = 0.5 if unity_editor: dev = UnityEditorWindow() else: dev = device if dev is None and connect_default_device and not current_device(): # currently only connect to Android as default # can apply auto detection in the future dev = connect_device("Android:///") super(UnityPoco, self).__init__(addr[1], dev, **options)