Android native app (poco driver)

Poco also supports to write tests for Android native apps. It is an alternative framework for xiaocong/uiautomator and its APIs are more powerful and easy to use. You don’t need to setup an AndroidSDK environment and other dependencies. Only adb tools are required. Just simply install poco with following command.

pip install pocoui

The following example shows how to start writing test scripts. Remember to connect an Android device to your PC/mac first and enable the ADB DEBUG MODE.

from import AndroidUiautomationPoco

poco = AndroidUiautomationPoco()

If multiple devices are connected, simply invoke airtest connect_device.

from import AndroidUiautomationPoco
from airtest.core.api import connect_device

connect_device('Android://014E05DE0F02000E/')  # connect device first by serialno.

poco = AndroidUiautomationPoco()

If you want to control multiple devices at one time, see the following example.

from import AndroidUiautomationPoco
from import Android

# initialize 2 device objects
dev1 = Android('014E05DE0F02000E')
dev2 = Android('0123456789')

poco1 = AndroidUiautomationPoco(dev1)
poco2 = AndroidUiautomationPoco(dev2)

More usage are similar to poco drivers for other game engines. Use PocoHierarchyViewer to retrieve the view structure.